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Keeping track of children is becoming much easier thanks to this GPS tracker for kids.
The smart GPS tracker for kids can connect your mobile phone, convenient for you to know the situations of your children, good smart tool for parents. Simply sync the watch with the free app on your mobile device and a map pops up displaying your kid's precise location. If lost, the child can also send a panic alert using a series of simple commands.
Children are so innocent and merely absorbed in their world that they do not care about what is happening around. Whether they wind up standing in the middle of a road being in a play or not, doesn’t matter at all to them, but the parents.

A parent of a child cannot always keep him in sight because that is the nature. A GPS tracking watch, in this case, can turn out to be a real hero. It will let you see where he is or talk with them!



ThinkBand™ Kids Smart GPS Watch Features:

  1. Electronic fence function: you can choose some activity areas for your kids on the APP maps, once your kids leave these areas, the APP will alarm to remind you automatically.
  2. Two-way communication function: you parents can dial the smart watch, and your kids can also make a phone call to parents(max 10 reserved phone numbers).
  3. SOS-one key calling for help: press the SOS button for 3 seconds, the smart watch will auto dial the 3 reserved SOS phone number circularly, help parents to know the location and situations of their kids in time, prevent accidents occur.
  4. Sleep monitor function: can monitoring and judge the sleeping quality of your kids, and let parents know that, so that can give kids a better sleeping environment.


  • Touch + Photographing + Flashlights
  • Two-way Conversation
  • Phone Book
  • Pedometer
  • SOS
  • GPS + Base station positioning
  • Voice intercom
  • Add friends
  • Alarm clock
  • Historical track 

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